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Ready Mix Plants

Quality Concrete Solutions

Ready Mix Concrete is the latest method of manufacturing large quantities of concrete in a unit and transporting the prepared mix to the site of construction. This is a very convenient and viable option in urban areas where there is a huge demand for concrete and most of the construction sites are located in densely populated and built up areas. In such congested areas mixing of concrete onsite is not possible. The usage of Ready Mix Concrete is therefore cost effective for the builder since it remarkably cuts supervisory and labour costs due to the use of high tech machinery. Besides which the quality of the Ready Mix Concrete is far superior and most suitable for residential complexes and industrial construction where one has to meet strict time schedules and deadlines for project completion.

ACBPL presently owns two Ready Mix concrete Plants with two more in the pipeline. The company is leasing out its facilities to major companies assuring consistent quality through accurate computerized control of aggregates and water as per mix designs. ACBPL’s Ready Mix facilities remarkably minimize cement wastage due to bulk handling and there is no dust problem and therefore, pollution-free. ACBPL’s RMC is highly in demand for on-site concrete mixing because of the accuracy of proportions of the mixture and the resultant hassle free progress of construction. It also facilitates speedy construction through programmed delivery at site and mechanized operation with consequent economy.